ED-9 pro has a variety of tones and drum kits, allowing a set of electronic drums to have more experience.
ED-9 pro

Electronic drum control box  x 1

Owner’s manual x 1

9V DC power adaptor x 1

Drum stand (attached assembly diagram) x 1set

Package blow kit accessories x 9






Let you enjoy a high-quality performance feast, quiet but best simulating the percussion strength and feel of real drums, with a variety of tones and drum kits, so that a set of electronic drums can have more experience.


Drum function

▸Crashcymbals, support double trigger, cymbals face, cymbals edge and stop tones

▸Ridecymbals, support 3 triggered cymbals face, cymbals heart, cymbal edge and stoptones

▸ Pedalcymbals (hi-hat) support closed, semi-open, open, Pedal hi-hat, Foot splash andstop tones

▸ Specialmaterial multilayer woven mesh drum skin can best simulate real drums crackdownand feel, support dual trigger

▸ Kick(Bass drum) and drum kits use a fixed link bracket, firmly positioning drum hithard step will not shift

▸ Snarerim can quickly switch Cross-stick, Rim-shot sound 

▸ SecondCrash cymbals (Crash2) and a fourth Tom drum (Tom4) 

Drum stand introduction

▸ TOM (8 inch Dual trigger mesh head drum) X4

▸ Snare drum (10 inch dual trigger mesh head) X1

▸ Hi-Hat/ Crash1-2 (12 inch Rubber Dual trigger Hi-Ha/Crash1-2 cymbal with choke) X1   

▸ Real Hi-Hat control pedal X1

▸ Ride (12 inch Rubber 3 trigger Ride cymbal with choke) X1

▸ Kick Pedal (10 inch Rubber kick pedal) X1