• AKM320

    The 32-key MIDI Keyboard Controller and the mini-key design make the whole body thin and compact, easy to carry, and a product recognized by countries all over the world.

  • AKM320L

    AKM320L is an upgraded version of AKM320, with a new design of function buttons, longer and wider key to provide you with a better music creation experience.

  • AKM322

    The 32-key MIDI Keyboard Controller surpasses the previous generation AKM320. Despite the small size, it has all Basic functions required, and has a basic thickness to Maintain the feel

  • Minicontrol

    32-key MIDI Keyboard Controller, small size but with powerful Arpeggiator and key compound functions.

  • XPAD

    16 drum pads and unlimited rotation data regulator, Precise performance function are easy to use.

  • Smart PAD

    64 multi-color backlit buttons, with excellent RGB backlighting and flexible buttons, are the best tools for beginners.

  • MIDI 2X2

    The MIDI 2X2 interface rugged, durable and does not take up any space. It can run programs on any Mac and PC immediately.

  • MIDI 4X4

    The MIDI 4X4 interface rugged, durable and does not take up any space. It can run programs on any Mac and PC immediately.

  • Studio 2

    The Studio series has impressive sound quality, high-quality speech amplifier, 48V phantom power supply, and is a truly portable mini sound card.

  • Vintage

    Vintage, fashionable and versatile brand new sound card, retro combined with fashion, let you easily play with the five major professional performance.


    Mysterious and elegant design, smooth connection of condenser microphone or electric guitar, can meet almost any professional and entertainment use scene.

  • miniEngine USB

    The exquisite appearance and beautiful melody with reverberation and chorus can smoothly connect MIDI equipment and cables to help you start your musical journey.

  • miniEngine Pro

    miniEngine Pro is small and exquisite, and its good Midi interface is the most convenient portable audio equipment to pair with the controller.

  • PianoEngine

    PianoEngine has a brand-new Piano and Drum sound setting. The fashionable velvet red fog appearance makes your eyes bright. The stable technology and quality support your sound source output work and provide a new experience for various musicians.

  • Elefue

    An electronic recorder that anyone can easily enjoy playing. Equipped with 10 sounds including recorder, saxophone and clarinet, you can play with the same fingerings as the soprano recorder.

  • Oripia 88

    Oripia 88 is a brand-new folding concept piano, portable folding, 4 layers of short size, there is no limit to play music anywhere.



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