MIDIPLUS is a proprietary brand of TaHorng Wood Enterprise Musical Instrument Co,.Ltd.We committed to the research and development of MIDI-related products. Weproduce many series of MIDI keyboards controller and MIDI equipment for exportto the United States, Europe and other country. MIDIPLUS sell all over theworld to let music connect the world and write down every wonderful journey.  


 MIDIPLUS was established, during which the newly developed Dreamer series MIDI keyboards and MS series monitor speakers and other products and service editors were launched. Since its establishment, MIDIPLUS has successfully developed multiple series of MIDI keyboards and other MIDI devices. With the expansion of its business scope, it has also developed professional sound cards, monitor speakers, and electronic drums in recent years.

 ▪ 2006

 Designed the ORIGIN series of portable keyboards, 

 and won the reputation of quality and price after 




▪ 2007

 Develop MIDI-related products horizontally and 

 make MIDIPLUS professional audio cards available.




 ▪ 2009

 The 49-key series MIDI keyboard was 





▪ 2011

 MIDIPLUS was established, during which the newly 
 developed Dreamer series MIDI keyboards and MS 
 series monitor speakers and other products and 
 service editors were launched. Since its 
 establishment,MIDIPLUS has successfully 
 developed multiple series of MIDI keyboards and 
 other MIDI devices. With the expansion of its 
 business scope, it has also developed 
 professional sound cards, monitor speakers, 
 and electronic drums in recent years.


Tahorng Wood Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1974. In 1977, the company launched Taiwan’s first self-made electronic piano under the brand of 梅花(Plum Blossom), which was widely recognized by the Taiwanese people throughout the country.


1994 , The newly established German tank company (TERRATEC) cooperated with Taiwan Tahorng Wood Musical Instrument Company, the parent company of MIDIPLUS, which has a history of producing keyboards and pianos for 20 years. The world's first MIDI keyboard MIDIMASTER for personal computer sound card Born. At that time, MIDIPLUS was first shown to the world as a model of this series of MIDI keyboards.


 ▪ 1996

 Tahorng developed a compact and portable MIDI 

 keyboard with mini keys. Once it was launched, 

 it combined music software and sound card with 

 multimedia computers that flourished at the time 

 in the world, with an annual sales volume of 

 200,000 units. In that era, Editing music with 

 computer was just starting. The relatively high 

 price of synthesizers, their relatively inexpensive 

 new concept product that can be connected to 

 the computer caused a great sensation when 

 they were launched on the NAMM Show that 

 year, but due to the sound effects of that era 

 The MIDI drivers on the card are not yet 


 Many customers find that they cannot be used 

 directly after they are connected to the computer. 

 As a result, the MIDI keyboard is unfavorable.


▪ 1998

 Tahorng and MIDIMAN discussed the use of 

 MIDIMAN's MIDI-to-USB technology for MIDI 

 keyboards. The two sides hit it off. The newly 

 released MIDI keyboard was marketed 

 worldwide under the MIDIMAN brand. After 

 that, MIDIMANE was renamed M-Audio, 

 the first generation of M-Audio MIDI keyboard 

 Oxygen As soon as the 8 series was launched,

 it immediately attracted global attention, and 

 the M-audio brand became famous. In the 

 Taiwanese musician circle at that time, almost 

 everyone had one.

 ▪ 2005

 The leading company in the industry, AVID, 
 announced the acquisition of M-audio for US$80 
 million in cash. After the adjustment, the 
 cooperation between M-Audio and Tahorng has 
 come to an end. 





▪ 2006
 been a series model and has already ended, has 
 officially become the independent brand of 
 Tahorng Wooden Musical Instrument Company, 
 and has reappeared in front of the world with a 
 new look. The ORIGIN series based on the 
 previous Radium series won after the launch. 
 Come to the reputation of good quality and 
 good price.