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32Key 力度感應迷你鍵盤功能














USB總線供電 - 無需額外的電源適配器





32-note velocity-sensitive mid-size key keyboard.

pitch and modulation wheels.

volume clipper potentiometer.

Unlimited rotation data regulator.

three rotation data potentiometer.

octave buttons (Up & Down).

powerful arpeggiator.

chord mode button.

reset button.

set button.

walk with control buttons: Play, stop, record.

The keys of composite function, includes transpose Buttons (Up & Down), reverberation function selection, three velocity curve, arpeggiator mode, arpeggiator time, scales mode select

Back  board have pedal input jack and USB socket .

AKM322 support apple system and the Microsoft Windows XP/7/8 system, do not need to install the USB driver, the system can directly identify the MIDI USB devices.

Dimensions: 46 x 12.5 x 3(cm)

Weight: 0.76(kg)


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